Spirit Release

Sometimes when people die under traumatic conditions their spirits remain in earth and they are not able to move to the spirit world. They are called earthbound spirits. These disembodied entities remain in the earth plane carrying confusion, fear, frustration, and anger. They look for new host bodies and once attached to a new body, they can seize control of the mind of the new person in such a way as to cause them distress or disturbances. When a person is feeling negative, angry, after an accident, trauma, or surgery, this person is very open to attract these entities. As this possession happens the new host body will carry the frustrations, anger and issues of the attached entity and will feel them as their own.

Unfortunately, this happens more often than we think and is even possible to have more than one entity attached. By releasing these entities to the light, we not only help them to move forward to the spirit world for further grow and healing, but we will also release all the emotions, harmful, unnecessary behaviours and thoughts that they kept with us.

I offer spirit release as a standalone session or in combination with regression for more powerful and lasting results.