Past Life and Future Life Progression

I specialized in Past Life and Childhood Regression. I have treated my clients with regression to help them to discover the root of their issues and release them at once. My clients after my sessions feel very enlightened, peaceful and ready to move forward free of all that years of holding and pain. The root of your issues lies in unexpected situations in the past, sometimes during childhood and sometimes in one or several of your past lives. My therapy is not limited to time or space, and your subconscious holds the key, and knows where to go in time to release you forever of your issue and release your true potential to live the life you really want and deserve. Ones the past it is clear we can jump on time to your best possible future.

Future Life Progression allows you to have a look to your future, your different options and help you to decide which future options feels right for you. With a combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP skills you will be able to jump to your best future self and bring back all the skills, self knowledge and energy that you need in your present time to create your future. You will feel confident, energized and ready to make those changes